Furnace Giveaway 2014 / (Sub) First Annual Calvey Heating & Air Furnace Giveaway Contest!


Furnace Giveaway Contest Winner Has Been Selected!

Congratulations to the Carlson Family!

We are very excited to announce the winners of our furnace giveaway contest that we ran back in December: The Carlson Family in Mountain View!

We visited the family one day to check out their current furnace installation and scope out the work to be done. We discovered a horizontally mounted furnace with ductwork needing to be re-done. We also discovered that the furnace was too small of a unit for the size of the house.


We were very pleased to meet the family and personally congratulate them on winning a new furnace and wifi thermostat with a complete installation and warranty! These pictures show business owner Joe Calvey as well as Alex and Mario from Day & Night, who kindly donated the furnace.


Join Us Again Later This Year When We’d Like to Run This Contest Again!