Wine Cooler Installation & Repair

Wine coolers are becoming popular additions to homes as more people become interested in preserving wine. The purpose is to re-create the cellar environment, which is cool and (sometimes) damp — an ideal environment for preserving and aging wines.

At Calvey Heating and Air, we specialize in installing, repairing and maintaining wine coolers. Whether you need an elaborate system for a large wine collection or a simple unit for a small cellar, we can handle the job!

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What is a Wine Cooler?

A wine cooler is a specialized air conditioning system. It aims to re-create a natural cellar environment by keeping the air cool, and maintaining a stable temperature within a wine cellar. If you keep a large selection of wines in your home, a cooling solution will help:

  • Age your wines at an ideal rate
  • Preserve your wines so they’ll stay good for longer
  • Keep your wines at a stable temperature

How Do Wine Coolers Work?

Wine coolers are very much like air conditioners, and work the same way: A refrigerant is compressed into a liquid, which readily absorbs heat from the air. As the liquid absorbs more heat, it is converted to a gas, which is then compressed back into liquid form, where it can absorb more heat from the air.

Keeping your wines at the right temperature is essential for the aging process. It is well known that wines tend to evolve in the bottle as they age. However, this aging process is delicate: You can’t do it in an environment that’s too hot, or the wine will spoil more quickly, and you can’t do it in an environment that’s too cold, or the wine won’t age quickly enough. Wine coolers create an environment that is cool, but not cold.

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