Heater and Furnace Installation & Repair

A furnace (sometimes referred to as a “heater”) is a major appliance in your home, and is the heat source for your complete HVAC system. Most furnaces for residential use gas as the fuel to create heat, but electric furnaces also exist.

At Calvey Heating and Air, we specialize in installing, repairing and maintaining both electric and gas furnaces. When the weather turns cold, we can make sure your home remains comfortably warm.

When to Book Maintenance

Furnaces & Heaters: September – December
No Maintenance Appointments Available in June, July or August

How Do Furnaces Work?

Furnaces are fairly simple appliances, and work similarly to how you would expect. When the temperate of an environment goes below a certain temperature, the thermostat signals the furnace to turn on. Gas then flows into the burner and the gas is ignited, creating a flame inside the furnace. The flame creates hot air that flows past a heat exchanger. This heated air is then pumped through the ductwork and carried to the rooms in your home.

Furnace technology has consistently gotten more advanced, and heaters have become more energy efficient. Get in touch with us today if your heater is causing your energy bill to get out of control!

Furnace Brands We Carry