Is It Really Important To Service My Central Air Conditioner?


Extend The Life Of Your Air Conditioner

Your air conditioner will last longer if you service it. Your HVAC technician will clean, tune, and lubricate air conditioner parts during standard maintenance. They’ll also check for any possible concerns and address them before they become major ones. All of this TLC helps to extend the life of your air conditioner, allowing you to avoid the hassle and expense of replacing it for a few more years.

Reduce Repairs And Emergencies

Not only can catching problems early save your system’s life, but it also means fewer maintenance and problems throughout the cooling season. 

Your family can avoid uncomfortable downtime during the summer if the air conditioner suddenly gets broken. You’ll also save money on air conditioning repairs, particularly those that involve an emergency service call.

Enhance The Efficiency Of Your Air Conditioning System

A properly tuned air conditioner will perform at its best. This ensures consistent home comfort for you and your family, as well as decreased energy expenses (and less environmental impact!).

Improve Air Quality

Check air flowing throughout your home by your central air conditioner. Assess that the air is clean and safe to breathe. Cleaning the air conditioner and ductwork from dust, pollen, mold, mildew, and other pollutants helps enhance your indoor air quality.

Save Money by Avoiding Expensive Replacement

Aside from high power bills or repairs, badly-maintained equipment might experience a number of issues that may entail an expensive replacement. As a result, you should get your air conditioner serviced on a regular basis to save money while also enjoying the cool air. This can also extend the life of your unit, which may be as long as 8 to 10 years in some cases!

Complying with the Warranty Requirements of the Manufacturer

The warranty conditions vary depending on the manufacturer. Some, on the other hand, need users to schedule frequent air conditioning maintenance in order to keep the system in excellent operating order. As a result, if you wish to avoid invalidating your warranty, double-check any conditions listed or get your air conditioner repaired.


Your warranty will most likely be invalidated. Most major air conditioning brands’ warranties require frequent expert maintenance to be valid.

Due to the buildup of dirt and dust, as well as a lack of lubrication, the AC’s fragile components will deteriorate — and may eventually fail– As a result, you may need to replace essential parts or perhaps the entire central air system, which would be significantly more expensive than an air conditioning maintenance visit.

If you are looking for an HVAC company to help you with your maintenance, or repair, don’t hesitate to call us today! We’ll answer your air conditioning inquiries and guide you in finding the best, most cost-effective solution to your heating or cooling problems.

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