Signs That Your Air Ducts Need To Be Cleaned

Did you switch on your HVAC unit and noticed dust flowing out of it? 

If so, it’s most likely due to one problem, dirty air ducts, which can create a slew of issues in your house.

With daily use, your air  ducts & HVAC units can be the perfect hiding place for dust, debris, & allergens. This dust and dirt contains toxins and air pollutants, which can greatly affect your indoor air quality.

The solution? Regular Air Duct Cleaning And Regular Maintenance Of Your Hvac System. 

This can not only avoid these simple issues, but will also increase energy efficiency. 

Because you can’t see the interior of your air ducts, it can be difficult to determine when your system needs to be cleaned. We have come up with 5 tell-tale signs to look for to know if your air ducts need to be cleaned.


Molds can not only trigger allergies and respiratory issues, but it can also spread quickly throughout your house.

Condensation will form in your heating and cooling system, causing mold to grow in your ductwork. It is especially common in humid climates.

Mold may be visible around your vent covers, but because many components of your heating and cooling system are not immediately accessible, mold in your air ducts is extremely difficult to detect visually. While mold might be difficult to detect, it generally presents itself in the form of a musty odor.

If mold is found in your air ducts, you must act fast to protect your home’s indoor air quality. An air duct cleaning professional will be able to detect and cure any mold problems, as well as aid to avoid its recurrence. Duct and vent cleaning is not as simple as it sounds, you must have the proper training & knowledge to get the job done. Aside from duct cleaning, you should also take safeguards against excess moisture in your house. 

You may do it by installing a whole-house humidification system or by adjusting your thermostat settings. Bear in mind that mold growth will return if the conditions that triggered it in the first place are not addressed right away.


Is your house dusty no matter how frequently you clean it? 

Dusting isn’t a pleasant activity, but it’s one that we all have to do periodically. If you find that practically every flat surface in your home is coated with dust almost immediately after you’ve put away your cleaning materials, it’s a clear sign that your ducts are in need of cleaning!

Dirt, dust, pet dander, and other harmful particles may stay in the air ducts of even the cleanest houses. You may even notice dust flowing out of the vents whenever the HVAC system is turned on! Examine the air supply and return vents in your home

If dust or dirt is noticeable, entirely remove a vent cover and/or filter and check the ductwork. Is the metal dust-covered? If you find dust and debris both inside and outside, especially around the vents that blast cold air out, your ducts should be cleaned.

Replace your HVAC system air filters on a regular basis to avoid further dust buildup. You can also install an air purifier that is designed to capture all sorts of dust particles. They both work with your HVAC system to collect airborne particles like dust, cigarette smoke, and germs before they reach the ductwork.


Mice, squirrels, rodents, and other critters will eventually find their way into your home & make nests in your ducts. Unfortunately, these pests leave a plethora of germs behind. When rats get into your ductwork, they build nests and leave droppings, which spread small fecal spores down the ducts. These spores can then enter your house and contaminate the quality of the air you breathe.

Sadly, rodents enjoy living in ducts and will gnaw their way in or find an entry point. When rodents get in, your home’s ductwork becomes their personal expressway to move around your home. If rodents are in your ductwork, they will leave several obvious clues, including droppings, chewed up items, and foul odors, which all suggest an infestation.

A rat infestation may need more than just air duct cleaning. Do not Ignore this as it might result in major structural damage, and an inefficient HVAC system.


Excess allergens and pollutants in your HVAC system may be the source of your or your family members’ unexplained or worsened allergy, sinus, asthma, or other respiratory issues. Your HVAC system sweeps particles through your house 5-7 times a day, exposing you to allergens each time. Cleaning your air ducts may greatly alleviate the health problems caused by poor indoor air quality.


If you notice that your electric bill is considerably higher compared to the last couple of months, unclean ductwork might be at fault. Your ductwork can get so dirty that air cannot move freely and properly into your home’s HVAC system. When this occurs, both your furnace and air conditioner must work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature. This results in an increased energy consumption.

Another sign that your air ducts need to be cleaned is when you notice that there are parts of your home that do not get the same level of airflow as other areas. Vents that are fully open should provide rather consistent airflow from room to room in most instances. Any energy wasted through leaks in your ductwork reduces efficiency and increases your energy cost. Hiring an air duct professional to clean your ducts will not only eliminate hazardous pollutants, but will also rule out any potential leaks.


Duct cleaning is a complicated process that demands extensive understanding of HVAC systems as well as specific equipment. If you need professional duct cleaning, schedule an appointment with Calvey Heating & Air! 

Calvey Heating & Air only uses professional-grade tools & equipment to loosen debris, and then a powerful vacuum to safely remove it from the ducts. Your ducts will be significantly cleaner after our process, and you’ll begin to feel relief immediately.

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