Is HVAC Air Duct Cleaning Really Important?

Duct cleaning is a common HVAC “maintenance” item that receives a lot of attention. Cleaning the air ducts in your home’s HVAC system may appear to be a reasonable maintenance task, but is it really important? 

It’s simple to tell homeowners that their ducts require cleaning because of rising issues about indoor air quality. There’s no reason to clean ducts unless they’re very dirty. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a similar view on the subject, advising cleaning only if the ducts and HVAC unit are contaminated.

According to them, “EPA does not recommend that the air ducts be cleaned routinely, but only as needed. EPA does, however, recommend that if you have a fuel-burning furnace, stove or fireplace, they be inspected for proper functioning and serviced before each heating season to protect against carbon monoxide poisoning..”

Duct cleaning is the cleaning of various heating and cooling system components of forced air systems. This includes air ducts and registers, grilles and diffusers, heat exchangers, heating and cooling coils, condensation drain pans (drip pans), fan motor and fan housing, and air handling unit housing.

You don’t need air duct and HVAC cleaning, not unless:


If you’ve recently renovated your house, especially if there was asbestos removal, lead paint removal, or a lot of dust, your ductwork may need to be cleaned. Ducts should be covered during house renovations. Otherwise, hazardous dust and debris may become trapped inside the ductwork and this will mix together with the clean air that is blown by the air ducts around your home.


If there are signs of pests or wildlife infestation or nesting in your ducting or HVAC system, have the animals exterminated and the ductwork and HVAC unit cleaned. Pests and other wildlife are known to carry deadly diseases. You won’t notice early signs of an infestation, but you will once they’ve taken over your ductwork and most of your family members are getting sick.


If visible mold growth is apparent inside the ductwork, the ducts and HVAC system should be cleaned. A better way to deal with mold and mildew is to let professionals remove them. They are experts with mold & mildew, and most importantly, will wear the proper protective equipment to protect themselves.


If someone in your family is suffering from an unusual allergy-related disease or they are starting to get sick one by one, and you’ve done every other conceivable measure to decontaminate your house, you should try getting your ducts cleaned to determine if the HVAC system is the culprit.

HVAC cleaning is very important in keeping a safe and clean indoor air quality in your house. It should be done by the right contractor, who has the right training and certification. Calvey Heating and Air is the right contractor for you. All our technicians are licensed and have the proper training in cleaning your HVAC. Call us today and let’s schedule your HVAC maintenance and cleaning service! 

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