When should I clean my air ducts? is one of the most often asked queries by our clients to our cleaning specialists. As a result of the overwhelming demand, we will focus today’s post to provide a more thorough response to this question. Additionally, we’ll provide pertinent details on air duct cleaning so you may make a better informed choice.


In all honesty, there isn’t really an ideal time for duct cleaning, despite what you may have read online. Some individuals use a specialist for the task on a yearly basis, while others use the service just occasionally. If you haven’t cleaned your HVAC system and air ducts in a while, you can be sure that it isn’t operating at its best and is much less efficient. The two seasons that are most in demand for our duct cleaning service are spring and fall and winter and summer. But first, let’s explore the advantages of each season for cleaning air ducts.

Spring & Fall

You will be better prepared for the hard winter cold and the summer heat if the service is performed in the spring or the fall. Additionally, because your HVAC system is less active or turned off at such times, our service may be provided much more swiftly and with less inconvenience for you.


Although air duct cleaning may be done at any time, the end of spring is said to be the ideal time. Cleaning these ducts and vents in the spring offers significant advantages to home owners. First off, the temperature during this season is moderate, and your home’s HVAC system is often off.

As a result, having them professionally cleaned won’t interfere with your everyday activities. Without any interruptions, you may enjoy superior air quality in the summer. Additionally, it will assist you in eliminating all the dirt that gathered throughout the winter. Various pests and rodents may become established in air ducts throughout the winter due to the heavy usage of heating systems. With a thorough cleaning, it will be simple to get rid of all types of insects and nasty creatures from ducts.

Summer & Winter

The winter or the summer are both excellent times to do the servicing since you can immediately benefit from a system that functions effectively. This implies that during the winter you will keep your inside lot warmer and during the summer much cooler. Call our duct cleaning specialists at (650) 265-2202 if you have any questions, or you can visit our duct cleaning website to learn more about the service.


You get a clean and healthy indoor living and working environment in your home, business, or commercial property when you purchase expert duct cleaning service. Here are a few advantages of having clean air ducts:

  • dust accumulation removal;
  • combat allergies triggers;
  • pet dander / shedding removal;
  • mold growth prevention;
  • HVAC efficiency improvement;
  • unpleasant smells / odors removal.


The EPA lists the following as some of the warning signs you should watch out for:

  • Signs of a mold infestation, either in your home or in your body.
  • You start to have issues with rodents or pests.
  • Insect entry into your system or ductwork is evident.
  • You may readily see a visible cloud of dust and other particles billowing out of the vent whenever your heating or air conditioning is turned on.

In addition to these warning indications, we advise you to watch out for any dark buildup along the vent’s margins or even an excessive amount of dust near the air filter. Despite the fact that your system is designed to some degree self-clean, over time it will get overwhelmed and you will need a professional to perform the cleaning for you. Schedule your duct cleaning with Calvey Heating and Air today for a cleaner and better indoor air quality in your homes.

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